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Agenda 21 - An ATROCITY IN THE MAKING - Alexander Bachman Anthony J Hilder

"Atrocity 21 is now being launched by Gore and Kerry from New Havens "Brother of Death" Skull and Bones to be introduced as "Mandatory" legislation by December 2011. Formerly labeled as Agenda 21 to insure so called Sustainable Living for the Planet ... this Hitlerian program would cost a minimum of a 100 Billion per year! Paid for in large part by the American taxpayer and the final blow to crush the American Economy and initiate World Government upon the ashes of all sovereignty for all people for all time. Is this hidden agenda plan proposed by the International Banksters to reduce the population of the planet by 95 percent that we hear about from the likes of Maurice Strong, David Rockefeller, Zbignew Brizinski, Bill Gates, and Ted the Terrible Turner? Worse still the figure of One trillion 800 Billion Dollars per year to create "The Monster" is being bandied about. Green Climate Fund is a World Tax so tyranical that it makes anything any whore conceived in the history of humanity seem minor by comparison. We are in the process of making a movie on this monstrous proposal to tyranically take over the planet. We need your help....yesterday...." Anthony J HIlder

A live presentation by Alexander Bachman about the companies that are creating Smart Meter technology, Spy Chips in your appliances, working with Government to regulate you ..... spying on you. Globalist coporations dealing with Recycled Aborted Fetus parts into human ingestible pills....oh no! Weve heard about execution vans in China where they execute the condemned prisoners and then harvest their parts which will be for sale to the highest bidder. Human Fetuses in pills, unwanted babies...this is possible indeed.

Nixon once gave China "Most Favored Nation Trading Status". Doing this has been our Undoing here in America and the UK as our jobs have been shipped overseas. Was there a plan in the works way back then....you bet there was. What are y

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