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Anaphylaxis Is A Type Of Shock (loss Of Blood Pressure) Caused By An Allerg

John Harun Mwau-Anaphylaxis is a type of shock (loss of blood pressure) caused by an allergic reaction


Anaphylaxis is a type of shock (loss of blood pressure) caused by an allergic reaction. It usually begins within two hours of eating an allergen, and often begins within minutes. It may involve any of the above symptoms, or combination of the above, plus any of the following:
• Sense of impending doom
• Difficulty breathing
• Pale skin
• Dizziness, lightheadedness
• Loss of consciousness
Anaphylaxis is a life-threatening emergency. If you experience any of the symptoms of anaphylaxis, call 911 immediately and administer first aid for anaphylaxis.
Food Allergy Symptoms in Children
Children may describe their symptoms differently than an adult would. Your child might say something like "this is too spicy," or "my tongue feels thick," when they eat a trigger food. Symptoms may also be different in babies with food allergies.
he most common cause of food allergy in young babies is cow's milk, followed by soy and eggs. Some infants may react to proteins from these foods in a mother's breastmilk; others will react only when fed the food directly.
Some signs that your baby may have a food allergy or sensitivity are:
Colic isn't a diagnosis, it is a descriptive term that means your baby cries inconsolably for at least three hours a day, three days a week, for at least three weeks. Doctors now believe that some babies with colic actually have acid reflux (GERD). A percentage of those babies may have a cow's milk allergy that is causing their reflux.
Your pediatrician may prescribe reflux medication or suggest switching to a different formula.
Skin reactions
• Hives (raised red welts that move around the body)
• Eczema (a scaly, itchy rash that may become very red and raw, particularly with scratching)
• Severe diaper rash
Breastfeeding can help reduce eczema symptoms in infants at high risk of alle

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