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Anaphylaxis Treatment-John Harun Mwau , Harun Mwau

Anaphylaxis Treatment-John Harun Mwau , Harun Mwau
Anaphylaxis Treatment
There is no cure for anaphylaxis at this point in time. However, there is emergency treatment, which is epinephrine. An epinephrine auto-injector is a drug form of adrenaline, the fight-or-flight hormone that your body produces in emergencies. It increases heart rate and opens up your airways and blood vessels so that you can breathe better and blood can move around your body more easily.
To be effective, epinephrine must be used at the start of an anaphylactic reaction. Delay of more than 30 minutes from the beginning of symptoms has been linked with greater risk of fatal or near-fatal reactions. Between 10 and 20% of people will need a second dose of epinephrine 5 to 15 minutes after the first dose.
After using epinephrine, it is important to lie down and stay horizontal.
Antihistamines are not effective in treating anaphylaxis. If you are experiencing shortness of breath, wheezing, dizziness or fainting, an antihistamine will not be able to help your symptoms.
If you have a history of, or are at risk for anaphylaxis, your doctor will prescribe two epinephrine auto-injectors. You will need to carry both of your auto-injectors with you at all times in case of future reactions.
Emergency Preparedness
Managing food allergies and anaphylaxis means avoiding your triggers and being prepared for an emergency.
Create an Emergency Action Plan
An Emergency Action Plan (EAP) outlines the people who need to be contacted in case of an emergency, when and how different medications should be administered, and other details of handling a potential anaphylactic reaction. The Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network (FAAN) has a downloadable sample EAP in multiple languages.
Your EAP won't do any good if it just sits in a drawer. Share it with important people in your life, such as relatives, co-workers, and friends.
Train your Friends and Family
Your friends, family, and co-workers should all know th

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