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Beer. Makes Impotent A Husband! Beer Grow Overweight.

Beer. Makes impotent a husband! Beer grow overweight. Husbands voice becomes thin. It develops breasts in men. Makes impotent a husband! Man is not interested in a woman. From beer woman becomes infertile. A woman is becoming mannish. Nightmare!
What are the reasons for which one should you offered beer pour down the toilet? The first reason neither man nor woman. Beer advertising operates a very "real man" image - moving men cheerfully, firmly beating leg ... " Is it real manhood and beer - hand in hand? The fact that excessive use of beer grows up overweight, we know. But that beer makes a person genderless know a few. While it is indeed obesity and loss of sex is in the same process going too vacuuming beer consequence. Hops that give beer bitterness, is the so-called phytoestrogens, which are attributed to hormones. Simply put, strong beer is a hormone made by the same person adopts to your body. If the hormone him - in this case, her husband - a stranger, a man begins to change. Changing not only his body, but also the customs and character. On the abdomen, thighs begin to grow fat, thinner voice, even formed breasts ... In short, a man turning into a woman. Sometimes even that begins to seep from the breast milk, but about male potency and better not to talk ... A typical beer drinkers - unhealthily obese, smelly urine damaged kidneys entity capable of only voice of a goat bell stand, and completely helpless in the playground. With women - otherwise. Immoderate drinking beer, female hormones in the body increase the upper limit of normal, and this eventually leads to infertility.
The second reason beer - yes, drugs - no? By the way, do you know what a hop? It's - a biological relative of cannabis, sometimes even crossed plants. And of cannabis, as it is known, is produced in hashish and marijuana. Hops, by the way, is morphine, which is the base product of the opium and heroin. So drinking beer, your body has introduced drugs, to educate them.

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