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By fission:The fission is the most widely occurring type of asexual reproduction in the protozoans and various metazoans. In this method the nuclear and cytoplasmic contents of the cell divide or split completely into smaller sized daughter individuals.In Binary Fission the animal body splits or divided in such a plane that two equal and identical halves are produced. It is most common in protozoans but it also occurs in certain lower metazoans. First of all the nucleus divides by amitotic or mitotic division and the division of the nucleus is followed by the division of the cytoplasm. Transverse binary fission occurs in some protozoans like Paramecium and some metazoans such as Coelenterates, Turbellarians and Annelids.Longitudinal binary fission occurs in certain ciliates and flagellates.E.g.Vorticella and Euglena (Protozoa) and some corals- Anthozoa.Strobilation occurs is certain metazoan animals – a special type of transverse fission. In Aurelia for instance the strobilation occurs during the formation of ephyralarva.Multiple fission occurs in most algae, fungi and some protozoans.E.g. Amoeba proteus and Monocystis etc. www.7active.in

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