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NBA Lockout Rap

Worried there won't be a season in the NBA this year? Well then check out this white boy NBA Lockout Rap. This will give you something to write about. Check out our other comedy videos!

Starring: Peter Vass, Sam Milman, and Chelsey Reynolds

Written by: Nick Vass, Sam Milman, and Peter Vass
Directed by: Antonino Buzzone
Director of Photography: Ryan Mooney
Crane Operator: Antonino Buzzone

Alright in case you didn't know there may or may not be a season
We might be stuck watching hockey, and here's the reason
There's a lockout in the NBA and that's bad
It puts a sour note on the memories we had

But like I was sayin', now there's a lockout in effect
And it comes down to money man, what else do you expect?
The players are upset because they want more millions
And the owners are too because they want more billions

They think there should be a limit, on how much a player can make
Therefore they won't be responsible, for their mistakes
Like an overpriced contract, Joe Johnson HUH
Or causing players to go, overseas NAH

I like the old rivalries like the Lakers and the Celtics
And watching 'Melo and Amare try to save, the Knicks
Wondering what's hidden in Kevin Durant's backpack
Maybe it's the Miami Heat's 4th quarter attack

Derrick Rose blooming into, a bonafide star
Getting drunk and watching Blake Griffin jump, over a car
Dwight's the new big man cuz Shaq, and Yao Ming are gone
Skip Bayless knows as much as the guy who seent the Leprechaun

Kobe's about to experience life without Phil Jackson
David Stern's about to experience life without black men
Congrats to Dirk and the Mavs, for getting their first ring
It must be hard when the whole world, wants you to win

Chris Bosh, looks like a dinosaur - DINOSAUR
Like the raptor from Jurassic Park - JURASSIC PARK
Mettaworldpeace - Yup
Jordan's Hitler stache - Yup
Birdman - Yup
Chris Broussard - AH-HA
Samaki Walker ate a whole bag of weed
F-ck you Lebron

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