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RADIOACTIVITY Definition:The self- disintegrating, spontaneous activity in the form of emission of radiations by some unstable nuclei with atomic number greater than 83 is called natural Radio activity.Radio activity was discovered in 1896 by a French physicist “A.H. Becquerel”.Radiations were classified into three types, according to their penetrating capacity they are. 1. α – Particles. 2. β– Particles. 3.γ– Particles. A strong magnetic field is applied at right angles to the plane of the paper, the beam splits in to three distinct components.α– Particles have least penetrating power. β– Particles more penetrating power than α (Alpha) – particles. γ– Particles are most penetrating power than β(Beta) – particles.Transmutation:Definition:The process of transformation of one element into another element by bombarding with high energy particles is known as “Transmutation”.Definition:The process of change of one chemical element into another chemical elementthrough natural radioactive day, such as αdecay and βdecay is known as “natural Transmutation”.Examples of natural Transmutation are potassium - 40 to the Argon – 40 which forms most of the Argon in air.

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