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Ranking High On The Search Engines(John Harun Mwau , Harun Mwau)

Ranking high on the search engines(John Harun Mwau , Harun Mwau)


Another consideration for ranking high on the search engines is the domain name that you
choose. If possible choose a domain name that encompasses the main keywords you are trying
to rank with.

Remember indexing and ranking is not immediate, you'll want to track your page rank and placement on a monthly basis and make adjustments as needed.
Pay Per Click Campaigns

If immediate traffic is your goal, a pay per click campaign is the way to go. Know that getting
started has a semi-intense learning curve if you are not used the concepts of keywords, ad
creation, landing pages and analytics but the pay off will be fantastic if done correctly.

Press Releases

A press release is a great way to tell the world about your ebook. Make sure your press release is
filled with the keywords you want to be found with. If you are selling from a web site it will also
build back links to your site, which helps for organic placement in search engine results which
then equates to higher ranking for the keywords you are wanting to be found with.

Press releases can be pricey depending on the vendor you choose. However, if done correctly will
drive major amounts of traffic to your website.

Site Partnerships

If your product serves a particular group of people look for popular web sites that you can
partner with. For example, if you are selling an ebook on cooking, partner with a cooking web
site to offer your product at a discount to members of the cooking web site.

Also look for organizations that can benefit from your product and offer special pricing for those members.

Social Networking

Although social networking web sites are not a prime place to sell ebooks, they sure can help spread the word.

Make sure that your primary web site and any communication to potential customers invites them to join you on your social networking page and then use y

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