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Secret Of Secrets Mini Trailer

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Below is the "Table of Contents" for the book.

Table of Contents
Part 1: The Computer / Man Analogy
1. Body = Avatar
2. Man = God
3. Man = Creation / Universe = God
4. Computer Hardware = Physical, Material Parts of the Universe = Human Body (Avatar)
5. Computer Software = Mind, Thought, Mental/Physical Programs and Processes
6. Operating System ( Windows) = The Matrix, Consensus Reality, The Social-Economic Status Quo
7. The Desktop = The Stage upon Which your Life is Played Out
8. $OCCOULIA: Programming Language and Programming = The Construct

Part 2: $OCCOULIA: Programming Language for "Reality"
1. $OCCOULIA: is an Eight-Fold construct or set of procedures, which together forms the programming language ($OCCOULIA: ).
2. The Unified Alpha Brainwave Field
3. Brainwave entrainment or "brainwave synchronization"
4. We are a Distributed Operating System

The 8 Components of $OCCOULIA:
1. Sigilization - The Science of Sigils
2. Masterminding
3. In-toning or Audio Input
4. Out-toning or Audio Output
5. Divination or The Oracle
6. Pen Creations or Tehutic Writing - Hyper-sigil
7. Visualization - Creative Visualization
8. Dramatization -- Hand-Sigiling

Part 3: The Matrix 5.0 Social-Economic Paradigm
1. Matrix 4.0 = The Few (Sovereigns) -- Ruling over the Masses (Subject)
2. Matrix 5.0 = All Sovereigns - No Subjects
3. The Saviors and First Fruits of the upcoming New Age (Matrix 5.0)

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